Learn from others' mistakes

Improve your language skills by learning from how we corrected others.

1. Has dry skin on its body

2. When I got
offout of the car.

3. Said
, "itIt is sunny outside".

Wishing Wish to get a good discount.

5. In spite of the rain.

6. A very beautiful place.

7. Dissatisfied with my tea.

8. I went to the shopping mall
. Toto buy new shoes.

9. I want to
completedo a PhD, degree. Althougheven though it’s .....

1. Has It has dry skin on its body.

2. When I got
offout of the car.

3. Said
, "itIt is sunny outside"."

Wishing Hoping to get a good discount.

5. In spite of the rain.

A It's a very beautiful place.

Dissatisfied I'm dissatisfied with my tea.

8. I went to the shopping mall
. Toto buy new shoes.

9. I want to complete a

Production activities are complicated by a wide spread of permafrost, considerable bogginess, and low biological production. These potentialpotentially reduce the stability of natural systems against techno-genes and complicate production activityactivities.

Hi Per,

How are you?

Since I was
inon a long vacation and busy with project work, I was not able to discuss with you regarding the T.K. portal. Kindly let me know your convenient time so that I can schedule the meeting.

Due to the fact that the value of biomass depends on tree components, the field measurement is supposed to give a better representation of the reality, and most of the researchers conduct this method. However, such a task is not easy to achieve, especially if the study area is not allowed to be visi.....

I believe very strongly that the commandments are guidelines and can be adjusted to fit the circumstances. I think that it is hard to have such black and white commandments when we are all different. I believe that Commandmentsthey are different for every person. Saying that may get me into a bit of trouble but, Ifif .....

To conclude, the choices I have taken have allowed me to grow as a student and an individual. Choices and options appear in many different forms, but it is my duty to carry them out and make the right decisions, eventually resulting in an impact that I will benefit from. These influences may be appl.....

Being born in a family that has yet to be modernized in the Canadian culture, I have the responsibility to get involved with the Tamil heritage, to communicate more effectively with my household. With limited options available, I am obliged to attend a language class, where I would speak, read, and .....

I already had prior knowledge from our mutual friend of Dave's, age 55 years old, and that fact was confirmed while observing/ listening to the conversation between Dave and the other gentlemengentleman. He kept mentioning that it was a nice day to go for a bike ride, and once he got home, he was definitely .....

​Technical Sergeant Mack Harrison is 31 years old and was born in Oklahoma City. He joined the Tennessee Air National Guard in April of 2010 in Memphis, TN and was assigned to the 164th Airlift Wing Logistics Readiness Squadron working in the Deployment and Distribution section. During his career, h.....

Hello Andrew,

I was wondering if we could chat about my mother and
Ime coming up to royalRoyal 1 tattoos andTattoos to get piercings this upcoming Saturday.Saturday? Please get back to me. thank Thank you!

Maritza Miranda

The respite was only temporary. hitlerHitler, determined to press home the submarine campaign at all cost, sacked Raeder and appointed Donitz commander in chiefcommander-in-chief of the navy.

My observation took place while attending a local NAACP luncheon, which lasted a total of about 3 hours. As the many speakers finished up, I took noticednotice and focused my attention on a particular conversation being had by two gentlemen. Dave would beis the person I would observed, unbeknownst to him. I had met him .....

Humans have suffered from tuberculosis (TB) since ancient times and. TB has beenwas described in ancient texts from China about 2,300 years ago. Fragments of the genome of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB) - the causative agent of tuberculosis have been- were detected in a 3,300-year-old Egyptian mummy. The tuberculosis .....

My name is Jakub. I’m working at KRAK. We still have a problem with your WeWatt tablestable. We bought this tablestable 2-3 years ago.
Could you please find attached photos
. theseThese are parts that can beare broken. We tried to find someone on Campuscampus who can help us with the repair but without luck. For this reason, we.....

I would like to get a job at home, or something that pays goodwell but doesn’t take so much time away from my family.

GreetingGreetings Gina,
I would like to pick the

gratuities ($124.60 value per person), 1st/2nd Guest, and $75 Onboard Credit Per Cabin . Check with Peter first . I’m looking forward to it.


Irish novelist James Joyce and Norwegian play writerplaywright Henrik Ibsen are known for their short stories “Eveline” and A Doll’s House which was introduced to us in class a couple weeks ago. Henrik Ibsen received a very beautiful letter from young Joyce on his 70th birthday. In the letter, Joyce expressed .....

In "the lessonThe Lesson" by Toni Bambara, there are many things to takelearn from the story. A young lady is trying to make kids from her community understand one goal. Though she decides to teach the lesson in many ways and concepts she hopes to make the group of kids better and understand society. The kids may not.....

Health is the general condition of a person’s body and mind, and to bebeing free from diseases and pain. A healthy person is completely free from any illness and always trytries to change him/herhis/her habits to find the healthiest lifestyle. HealthyMaintaining a healthy lifestyle and taking care of your body can also d.....

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