Proofread Your Word File

Have your .Docx file proofread and get it back with tracked changes in minutes.

Here is where you upload the Word file (.docx) you would like to send for proofreading. Our professional Angels will proofread the file and return it to you, together with the tracked changes, when it is completed.

After receiving the file, you can open it with Microsoft Word or any other program for editing .docx files, review the changes, and decide whether to accept or reject each one. In order to see the tracked changes in the Word document, go to the Review tab on Word, and select the option to show the markup.

The preferred way to proofread Word files is by using our Word add-in, which can be found at the Office Store. When you use the Add-in, you can send the file for proofreading directly from within Word editor.

Remember, at eAngel, in order for us to be able to work in parallel, we limit the text length you submit to 2000 words. If you have a longer text, you need to split it into 2000-word chunks. This way, each member of our proofreaders team can work on a different piece at the same time.