How to Enhance Your Writing With Online Text Correction

Although technology is moving forwards and the standard of online spelling checkers is continually improving, there is still no comparison to the quick eye of a real human being combing for errors. The majority of text correctors that you will find online are based on checking algorithms which will find and correct around 80-90% of mistakes. The rest are left undetected, not to mention any clumsy combination of words which could be better phrased. Professional human checkers will naturally pick up on these awkward clauses, and change them to something more fitting, whereas a computerized system will not. So how can your own writing actually be enhanced by the use of an online checker which utilizes real people to correct text, compared to those that don’t?

  • “Errors are eliminated.” With the use of any spell checker it is expected that obvious spelling or grammar mistakes will be picked up on and corrected. While this can be achieved by most platforms you will discover online after a quick Google search, there are many subtle errors which go under the radar. With a human checker such as eAngel, these errors are eliminated, enabling you to learn from your mistakes and not make them next time. Always write that you ‘loose’ your keys? From now on you will realise that you actually ‘lose’ them instead.


  • “Improved clarity and meaning.” Writing flawed with spelling and grammar mistakes can often be hard to understand. The original meaning can sometimes be lost in the chaos, or the point of a paragraph hidden by overambitious use of sophisticated wording. Words can make an impact or they can simply take up space on a page. Human correctors will find the perfect word each time, enabling clarification of content, giving your writing a more concise tone, and therefore optimizing your content.


  • “Enhanced vocabulary and grammar.” Human eyes have the ability to differentiate between commonly confused grammar and spelling, for example, words which are spelled correctly but are being used in the wrong context. “Affect” and “effect” are very often mixed up, although after receiving your corrected text from your proofreader you will naturally learn the correct usage. With eAngel it is easy to learn from your mistakes as all changes are highlighted, showing the incorrect and correct versions. Very different to blindly having text corrected and not being able to notice the amendments. Range of vocabulary will expand instinctively as you see words which you might not have chosen being used in the correct context. Eventually your requirement of these services will lessen as correct grammar, spelling and vocabulary become innate rather than forced.


  • “Write better in all aspects.” Important business emails require a completely different use of language compared to say, social media posts, but they are both still traps for mistakes. If you really want to improve your writing you need to consider all aspects of your life. Nowadays social media is readily checked by prospective employers, clients, or colleagues, and yes it will look bad if you use “their” instead of “they’re”. By implementing a quick online text correction for all different types of writing you will pick up on mistakes that you didn’t even realise you were making and improve your writing standard for all outlets in your life. Maybe you are a professional writer but wish to find a more fluid way to phrase something, or a non-native speaker who requires more assistance to create a straightforward email.


Whatever your needs, eAngel can be beneficial to anyone who wishes to enhance their writing in an efficient and uncostly way. If you want to read more about the English language, have a look at our next article about Modal Verbs.


Have a look at our next article about tips for English correction.

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