Dear sarahSarah
Greetings of the day

Hope you are doing well

Thanks for
puttingtelling us your concerns with us . We are obliged to answer your queries .

As per the trail mail
, we came to know that you have received somean improper sealed envelopenvelope signatory from Gautam'Gautam' which is very strange for us . Our current Registrar is Anjana, and last registrarRegistrar was Rajiv . With the nameThere of Gautam their is no such person kindwith the name of personGautam, who havehas the authorization to do the signatory .

Even youYou are even saying that you reare not able to track the records of some students . We think that may be some one is trying to misuse the university name .

We would like to keep you informed that our students records are
propercorrect online, and alsothat we are sending you a proper sealed envelop envelope with our authorized registrar signatoryRegistrar Signatory of Ms. Anjana, who is our Current registrar current Registrar.

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