Good evening, my name is Beatrice Pezzini,. I am 17 years old, and I am aan 11th grade student at an architecture high school in Italy, in 11th grade, in. In September I have towill enter the 12th grade, but up until the 10th grade I studied in different countries, so. So this year I had difficulties with the Italian language, which affected my general grade averages, so. That said, I would like to ask some questions:
1. What documents do I need to be admitted
, and under what conditions can I be admittedadmitted? (I am also interested in averages.)
2. When is the last
registrationday to register, and what is the payment date?
3. What are the compulsory
subjects, exceptsubjects? Aside from the compulsory subjects, can they doI also take architecture courses?
4. How do
you getI earn the points, and how do youI take the exam?
5. If I pay
for the first package, are there hours online with the professors?
6. For the last package
do wecan I choose the program, or will the professors give us achoose the program?
7. Are
the books digital, or should weI order them?
8. Are the diplomas for the end of high
school, that ofschool? Are the first package with, the second and the third are all the same?
9. Is the diploma internationally recognized?
In Asia, for example?

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