Dear Ahmad,
Hope all is well...
In the Below is a list of the features that we would like to add to the demo submitted by you, in
addition to the devices we would like to use:
1. Materials and hardware required:
• (handled pc
ship the device can read itcreation information in the shipment
2. Steps and Procedures:
• Create a small program with only one page with a "create" button to create a new sheep.
And it is among the information about the creation of the sheep.
SomeThe information ofis on gender,
age, farm, and any other information as needed.
• Read info from
the ship by handled pc.
• Fill in the remaining information to create a sheep
• Click on create
• Giving the sheep numbering with a specific notation
. Amm + farm number + sheep number.
This notation is associated with the number read from the ship
Also, please provide us with an estimated time of completion.

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