cost-effectiveness analysisCost-Effectiveness Analysis (CEA) have been conducted among the three interventions for the treatment of typeType 2 diabetes mellitusDiabetes Mellitus to evaluate which alternative intervention is more cost effective, such as allopathic (modern) medicine, herbal medicine (ayurvedic medicine, unani medicine, herbal extracts, Naturalnatural herbs, china herbs, food supplements etc.), and homoeopathic medicine.
Diabetes, a disease no longer associated with affluence, is on the rise across the globe as reported in this 8th edition of the IDF Diabetes Atlas 2017.
Millions of people are being destroyed by the current diabetes pandemic. Already, for some time, diabetes and other noncommunicablenon-communicable diseases (NCDs) that share similar risk factors have represented a primary threat to health and human development. The incidence and prevalence of diabetes continuescontinuing to rise is obvious. However, the devastating short and long-term effects of the diabetes are enormous. At presentCurrently, nearly half a billion people live with diabetes. Low and middle income countries carry almost 80% of the diabetesdiabetic burden. Rapid urbanization, unhealthy diets, and increasingly sedentary lifestyles have resulted in previously unheard higher rates of obesity and diabetes, and many countries do not have adequate resources to provide preventive or medical care for their populations (IDF, 2017). Diabetes is not only a health crisis; it is a global societal disaster. Due to its chronic nature, diabetes causes devastating personal suffering and drives families into huge economic burden. Governments worldwide are struggling to meet the cost of diabetes care and the financial burden will continue to expand due to the growing number of people developing diabetes.

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