Respected sir...Sir,
, Farida Chattriwala, had a Skype conversation yesterday with Mr Mehboob Shaikh for the post of senior reservation...he He took my interview and told me to revert back after confirming with HR, as I informhad informed him that right now I am working in Dubai and my visa is for 3 years and, as per UAE rulerules, my passport is submitted onwith the company tilluntil my visa is complete...
addressingsending this mailemail to domake a personal request to give me someask for some more time tobefore I join this fabulous company and be part of your awesome and corporate team.... I requiredrequire a maximum more than oneof one more month to complete thisthe visa process here..., and as soon as I have finished this procedure I will be free to work in your office...
Please do let me know about my request
thatand whether it is possible to reserve my seatposition so I can start my work here...., as I don't want to mess anywhere because of me...anyone around.
Thanking you

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