In my pursuit of new creative endeavors, I was excited to find the opportunity with
MiskMiSK Foundation as Sr. Projecta senior project manager. As a professional, who is qualified with excellent organizational and problem-solving skills, I believe that I can bring valuable contributions to the MiskMiSK skills team in a position requiring initiative, responsibility, and challengechallenges.

I’m a certified project manager and risk manager with
8eight years of experience combining Projectproject management in Humanhuman capital development and business development including successful projects and initiatives. During my work in the Ministryministry of communication and information technology, I’ve had successfully designed and implemented Digital Skills Framework and designed The Freelancefreelance program for ICT and Digital Transformation Leaders (CxOs) also working in a ThinkTech initiative that targetingtargets youth for Saudi youth development and introduceintroduces them to the emerging Technologytechnology. In addition, ManagingI've managed and tracked (HCDP) a portfolio with over 300 Millionmillion for an SR budget including 36 projects. The role includes thea strategy implementation plan, initiative detailing and a roadmap. Also, defineI've defined the OKRs and KPIs and createcreated a dashboard to monitor the portfolio.
Previously, I worked as an advisor and session
leadleader at Udacity programs and partnerships. myMy role included evaluating the program performance and co-designco-designing the content and students’ journeys. Recently. I’m, I've been working at TALEMIA (Educational Programs) as Sr. Project Managera senior project manager to Implementimplement and execute the Vision 2030 Initiative for the Ministry of educationEducation.

My enclosed resume outlines further details of my education
and, experience and background. For a greater presentation of my background and qualifications, I am eager to speak with you and greatly appreciate your consideration.

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