Dear Sarab,

Hope you are doing well.

Kindly update me
on the final decision of our Dubai Operations, as today is the day we agreed aswould be my last working day with EGL Travel.

I was checking with my contacts about the current job opportunities, and at the same time, I was very much Optimisticoptimistic about the continuation of our Operationsoperations in Dubai. As I remember when we met in Dubai and you have, we discussed about your plans inof establishing our company in Dubai. I have an option in my mind which will beis connected to this point. Since we have Shahid in our sales department, I can extend my services to bring more sales from middle easteastern markets through my contacts.

We have already added around 40 prepayment agents in our Juniper system,. I can continue to push them for gettingto get business and at the same time I can add some good agents on a credit basis. If we have the credit insurance in the UK, then for the time being, we can utiliseuse it forto get some good agents. As a start, I can bring offline bookings from them for theour stronger destinations we are stronger.

I have plans to go to India for two weeks for a
Migranemigraine treatment as. I could not do it here as we don’t have our health insurance card. Once I come back, I amwill be ready to compromise on my package. I do not want to go to the people I know to look for a job just after a short period of working in EGL which. I believe that is not good for me and for our company. I promise to put my loyaltybe loyal to the company and I have a confidence in briningbringing in good business in favour of our company. Please let me know if you are interested in my suggestion.

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